Circuit Components

Half of the struggle in electrical engineering (in practice) is finding the right components to assemble your circuits with. Below are rough notes and lists of the components we have encountered and loved (or not), that we like to maintain internally as a pointer-bank, and publish externally to help others weed through digikey and the like.


LED PN VDrop mA R for 3v3 LVL
White 0805 1516-1085-1-ND 3.1 20 10R
Red 0805 516-1427-1-ND 1.8 20 75R - * mark is backwards (?)
Green 0805 516-1434-1-ND 2.2 20 55R
Blue 0805 516-1445-1-ND 3.4 20 -5R (haha)
Yellow 0805 516-1433-1-ND 2.1 20 60R
LED 0402 Green 516-3066-1-ND      
LED 0402 Red 516-3060-1-ND      
Warm White 5630 1510-1412-1-ND‎      
Cool White 5630 1510-1519-1-ND‎      
Lumileds Z Series LXZ1-4070      
Lumileds RGBW Pixel (assembly) with LXZ1-PD01 LXZ1-PM01 LXZ1-PB01 LXZ1-3080-5      

Connectors, Signal

Positions Series Current PN Notes
6 JST-SH Jack 0.2 455-1792-1-ND Vertical
6 JST-SH Jack - 455-1806-1-ND Horizontal
8 JST-SH Jack - 455-1808-1-ND Horizontal
8 JST-SH Cable - 455-3000-ND Reversed 2”
8 JST-SH Cable - 455-3004-ND Reversed 6”
8 JST-SH Cable - 455-3008-ND Reversed 12”
6 JST-SH Cable - 455-3015-ND Normal 6”
6 JST-SH Cable - 455-3003-ND Reversed 6”
- RJx Tool x K582-ND crimper!
4 RJ10 Jack - 609-4469-1-ND  
4 RJ10 Plug - AE10314-ND  
6 RJ12 Jack - WM5567CT-ND  
6 RJ12 Plug - AE10315-ND  
8 RJ45 Jack - 732-3164-1-ND tab up, smd
8 RJ45 Plug - AE10316-ND  
4 (usb) USB Micro - 609-4613-1-ND smd, used in module, router (2019-10-06)
1 (pogo) Pogo! - ED90385-ND smd, not pnp
60 Hirose FX8 - H1215-ND Mezzanine ‘top’
60 Hirose FX8 - H10686-ND Mezzanine ‘bottom’ 3mm
60 Hirose FX8 - H10691-ND Mezzanine ‘bottom’ 4mm
52 PCI Mini - A123340CT-ND PCI Edge-Board Connector, Right-Angle

Connectors, Programming

Description DigiKey PN Notes
JTAG 10-Pin SAM8796-ND ‘the fancy one’
JTAG 10-Pin 1175-1629-ND ‘the cheap, bulky one’

Connectors, IDC

Description DigiKey PN Notes
2x15 Latching Header 3M157654-ND  
2x5 Latching Header 732-2679-ND  

Connectors, Spring Loaded

Description DigiKey PN Notes
4-pin Spring, 3A Each 478-5452-1-ND  

Connectors, Power

Description DigiKey PN Notes
1x poke-in power WM17990DKR-ND‎  
2x poke-in power 478-9533-1-ND  
2x poke-in power push-release WM10425CT-ND  
IDC-To-Board 478-6088-1-ND  
IDC-To-Board Cap 478-6085-ND  
IDC-To-Board Pick 478-6079-1-ND  
IDC-To-Board Tool 478-4622-ND  
IDC-To-Board Tool Handle    
Power Spade 18-20 AWG 277-11144-ND  
Power Spade 14-18 AWG 277-11150-ND  
Power Spade Crimp 16-20 AWG 277-11117-ND  
Power Spade Molex Small WM9606-ND  
Power Spade Molex Large WM9610-ND  
Power Pin M3x7mm Right Angle 732-10895-1-ND  
Power Pin M3x3mm tall 732-5270-1-ND  
Power Pin M3x4mm tall 732-5271-1-ND  
Power Spacer M3x3mm tall 732-7087-1-ND  
Power Spacer M3x8mm tall 732-7113-1-ND‎  
Power Spacer M3x10mm tall 732-7119-1-ND‎  
Power Pin M3x6mm tall 732-5273-1-ND‎  
Power Pin M2.5x6mm tall 732-7102-1-ND  
Power Pin M2x1.5mm tall 732-7069-1-ND  
TE ‘power series’ blade-type modular connectors DigiKey Category  
Molex ‘edgemate’ card-edge connectors [DigiKey Category]( 46817)

Cables, Wiring

Description DigiKey PN Notes
20 Line IDC Ribbon 3M157973-25-ND‎  
10 Line IDC Ribbon 3M156104-100-ND  
6 Line IDC Ribbon 3M156095-25-ND‎  
4 Line IDC Ribbon 3M156838-25-ND‎  
100ft 16AWG Silicone Red CN665R-100-ND  
100ft 16AWG Silicone Black CN662B-100-ND  
50ft 18AWG Silicone Red CN101R-50-ND‎  
50ft 18AWG Silicone Black CN101B-50-ND‎  
50ft 18AWG Silicone Orange CN101A-50-ND‎  


Description DigiKey PN Notes  
10 bit Absolute Encoder AEAT-6600 AEAT-6600-T16 SPI Magnetic Encoder  
AEAT-6600 Diametric Magnet 469-1076-ND Magnet for Above  
14 bit Absolute Encoder AMS AS5047D AS5047D-ATST SPI Magnetic Encoder  
AS5047D Diametric Magnet 469-1070-ND 6x2.5mm Magnet  
AS5047D Diametric Magnet 469-1076-ND 8x2.5mm Magnet  
Hall Effect DRV5053 296-41083-1-ND Thru-Hole Analog Hall Output  
Hall Effect Discrete S5712 [List]( 45051) On / Off / Debounced Hall Effect Switch
S5712 Magnet 469-1020-ND Matched for Above  
RTD Temperature Sensor 223-1563-1-ND 1k Ohm Temperature Sensor for trace temperatures  
Distance TOF VL53L1 497-18884-1-ND 4m Range  
Distance TOF VL53L0 497-16538-1-ND 2m Range  
Wheatstone Bridge (Load Cell) Amp 10-80 SPS, 24 Bit 296-43578-1-ND    


Description DigiKey PN Notes
AEAT-6600 Diametric Magnet 469-1076-ND Magnet for Above
AS5047D Diametric Magnet 469-1070-ND 6x2.5mm Magnet for Above
0.25x0.25” Cylindrical Axial Magnet 469-1003-ND Used in PNP Feet


Description DigiKey PN Notes
ATSAMD51 J19 ATSAMD51J19A-MU-ND‎ Cortex M4 120MHz chip, a-la adafruit feather M4
ATXMEGA 256A3U ATXMEGA256A3U-MH-ND The biggest, baddest XMEGA


Description Digikey PN Notes
Medium N-CH Mosfet 785-1634-1-ND  
PN Pair Fet Alternate SQJ504EP-T1_GE3DKR-ND  
40v Half Bridge Fets TI CSD88548 DK 296-46923-1-ND  
60v Half Bridge Fets TI CSD88599 DK 296-48289-1-ND  

Power Diodes

Description Digikey PN Notes
14A 45V Schottky 1727-8326-1-ND  
3A 40V Shottky FSV340FPCT-ND  


Power Management ICs

Description Digikey PN Notes
Small Low-Side Gate Driver ZXGD3003E6CT-ND  
120V, 4A Gate Driver UCC27212  
Stepper Gate Driver TMC262 1460-1069-6-ND  
BLCD Gate Driver DRV8323 Ben Katz, VESC, ODrive, Etc
H-Bridge Gate Driver A4955 620-1769-1-ND  
High-Side Gate Driver IRS10752LTRPBFCT-ND  
High-Side Gate Driver (more oomph) 497-4676-1-ND  
Description Digikey PN Notes
5v reg module 945-3042-ND  
pololu regulator modules i.e.  
3.3v LDO 600ma AP2112 - AP2112K-3.3TRG1DIDKR-ND‎  
- 5v LDO Buck Drop-In Switching Module 2A 945-3042-ND    
5v Module 12W 1866-4374-ND  
5v Mean Well Module 2A 1866-3625-ND  
5v Mean Well Module 3A 1866-3633-ND  
5v Module Switching 2A 811-2657-ND  
3.3V buck 2A TS30012-M033QFNRCT-ND  
5v buck 2A 24V TS30012-M050QFNRCT-ND  
5v buck 2A 40V TS30042-M050QFNRCT-ND  
Integrated Buck … 1.2A, fancy 1589-1756-1-ND  
Description Digikey PN Notes
16-ch LED driver tlc5940pwp 296-35975-1-ND‎  
1-ch LED Driver i2c LM2759  


Description Digikey PN Notes
CP2102n USB UART 336-3693-ND  
RS485 Driver 2/0 296-9964-5-ND  
RS485 Driver 2/2 296-14348-6-ND  
RS422 1/1 Full Duplex w/ term LTC2855IDE#PBF-ND  
Optoisolator 2/0 516-2172-5-ND  


  • thermal tape 3M10315-ND


  • Adafruit Heatsink 1528-1698-ND
  • 21x21mm 345-1098-ND
  • 28x28x6.5 345-1111-ND
  • 28x28x9 345-1100-ND
  • 19x19x6mm 294-1146-ND 7.1deg/W
  • 41x41x9mm 294-1103-ND 4.5deg/w
  • 40x40x12 294-1162-ND 1.9 deg/w
  • 40x40x9 294-1160-ND 2.5 deg/w
  • 40x40x6 294-1158-ND 3.3 deg/w
  • 41x41x25.4 ATS1329-ND 2.4 deg/w


  • 40x40x10.5 1053-1210-ND
  • 50x50x15mm 102-4367-ND
  • 50x50x20mm 603-1359-ND


  • Slide Switch 563-1340-1-ND
  • Switch for hella AC Amps 360-1897-ND
  • Safety Stop Kill for PSU Z1504-ND
  • Reset Line CKN10685CT-ND
  • Reset Line 90deg P16767CT-ND
  • Hella IEC C13 486-2264-ND
  • Power Entry 486-3979-ND‎
  • Power Entry 10A Fuse 486-1226-ND‎
  • On-Off-On Right Angle Through Hole 100SP3T1B4M6RE



  • R 0402 470 311-470JRDKR-ND
  • R 2512 bleed r, calc 2k7 A126466CT-ND / 1k CRM2512-JW-102ELFCT-ND

  • R 0402 470 311-470JRDKR-ND‎
  • R 0402 1k 311-1.0KJRDKR-ND‎
  • R 0402 2k2 311-2.2KJRDKR-ND‎
  • R 0402 10k 311-10.0KLRDKR-ND‎


  • C0402 10pF 50v 1276-1139-1-ND
  • C0402 1uF 50v 587-6278-6-ND‎
  • C0603 10uF 35v 490-13248-6-ND‎


  • 4700uF 35v 493-1088-ND 18d x 7.5l x 35.5
  • 2200uF 35v 565-1590-ND 18d x 7.51 x 25.5
  • 1000uF 35v 493-1589-ND 18d x 7.51 x 15
  • 100uF 450V 1572-1660-ND 18d x 7.5l x 35.5
  • 150uF 6.6x6.6 SMD Aluminum PCE5017CT-ND
  • 47uF 400V P13546-ND ibid
  • 100uF 35v SMD 6.6dia PCE3951CT-ND


  • 4.7uH 2A 72Mohm 587-2407-1-ND
  • 6.8uH 2.3A 52Mohm 587-3462-1-ND
  • 10uH 0.15A 360M 0805 445-17073-1-ND
  • 0603 10uH 300mA 445-6755-1-ND


  • 0805 Diode - 478-7802-1-ND
  • 40V 3A Diode - - FSV340FPCT-ND


  • 16MHz Resonator - 1253-1339-1-ND
  • 16MHz Crystal SER4370CT-ND
  • RCT 32 kHz XC1617CT-ND
  • MHZ Crystal 4-SMD-3.2X2.5 SER4046CT-ND
  • kHZ Crystal 2-SMD-3.2X1.5MM SER4088CT-ND

Shunt Resistors

  • 3mOhm 1% 3W 2512 CRE2512-FZ-R003E-3CT-ND
  • 50mOhm 1% 3W 2512 CRA2512-FZ-R050ELFCT-ND
  • 100mOhm 1% 3W 2512 CRA2512-FZ-R100ELFCT-ND

Solder Paste

  • SMD291AX250T3-ND
  • SMD291AX250T5-ND (smaller balls)


  • 10-22AWG Crimp 1742-3005CR-ND