[modular] Machines that make: Modular Control and Cardboard Stages

Aluminium Stages
Cardboard Machine Kit
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How to Make Almost Anything Makes Cardboard Machines
Fab Academy Makes Cardboard Machines


The fold lines are scored on the laser, while the rest is cut through. Here are our cutfiles for the SCIENCE cardboard listed on the BOM, where blue lines are cut through and red are scored. Note that some of the smaller parts look very similar, but are different. Test fit before gluing. We used 60% speed and 50% power at 1000 pps for cutting, and 100% speed and 15% power at 500 pps for scoring on a 150W CO2 laser, but test this as well as lasers are not all equal.


The stages use motors with integrated lead screws, anodized aluminium rods as guide shafts, and nylon bushings. Here is the current bill of materials. Use 12mm fasteners on the leadscrew nut, and 8mm on the motor body.


We are using pygestalt to prototype the control systems. You can download the latest gestalt library here and the schematics for the control boards here. Bas Withagen made another version of the RS485 connector boards with 2x4 connectors instead of 2x3, you can get the milling files and board outline.

You will need to mill a power connector board and make cables such as in this diagram:


In https://github.com/nadya/pygestalt/tree/master/examples/machines/mods, you can read more about how to control your machine from mods.

last updated by Nadya Peek Dec 2016