overview infrastructure multifab other fab measurement autodoc

Welcome to the development section. It is here that all documentation related to the creation of Fab-in-a-Box will be posted. Currently there are five areas of focus:

Infrastructure. All of the key services which allow Fab-in-a-Box to be a cohesive toolset. These include the network, the box itself, power distribution, etc.

Multifab. A computer-controlled multipurpose fabrication tool. Work includes integration into the box, the xyz motion stage, and multiple toolheads to perform various fabrication tasks.

Other Fab. All other tools needed to make something. Examples are the soldering iron, hand tools, and programming interfaces.

Measurement. Networked instrumentation such as a multimeter and oscilloscope. This is one area which will hopefully expand greatly on the road.

Autodoc. Everything related to making it possible to document a project "without thought".