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(c) Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2011 Permission granted for experimental and personal use. License for commercial sale available from MIT.

MTM Snap
Snap-Together Desktop CNC Milling Machine

  • Machine Building Instructions/Files
    (under construction, last version oct 2011)

      cost: ~600 USD

      material: HDPE

      work volume: 6" x 4" x 1.75"

      leadscrew: 1/4" - 10

      stepper motors: Bipolar NEMA 17

      spindle motor: DC motor (up to 20k rpm)

      stepper motor driver: Allegro A3982

      applications (not limited to): PCB milling, mold making



  • (04.24.2011) Video of MTM Snap
    Using an Arduino w/ GRBL and a Processing sketch to stream
    G-code created with Kokompe
    See machine building instructions for how to make your own!
    We are not currently selling any kits, see the BOM to order your own parts.

    MTM Snap from nadya on Vimeo.